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Getting Started on the Server

This is a guide for brand new players that have just received their acceptance email and are ready to log on to the server for the first time. 


How/When to Log in

After your application has been accepted you can log into the server at:
The server is always online except for scheduled maintenance every Wednesday at midnight (cst). If you have any trouble connecting any other time please send us an email or contact an admin on Discord (discord link provided in your acceptance email). 

The server and texture pack run on vanilla minecraft, no need for Optifine or any external downloads, just log in and play. The texture pack will install automatically and may take up to a few minutes to load the first time you log in.



When you first connect you will spawn on a large ship, if you make your way North to the back of the boat you will find a set of doors and some purple carpet leading below deck. Follow the purple carpet to the N00b room where you can grab some starting gear and materials. Items in this room are free to use but are supplied through donations from other players, if you make use of this room consider donating supplies after you have gotten settled. 
After gathering supplies from below deck you can make your way off the ship, there is a rainbow path that will lead you to the Rainbow Castle, this castle contains chests full of free Pride Flags (let us know if there's any we missed that you would like us to add!), If you need food make a stop along the
red path and grab some free baked potatoes. And don't forget to stop at the barn on the blue path to pick out a free horse! These horses are all very fast and make for a great way to travel. 


Leaving Spawn

Now you can head directly out to wilderness by following any of the 4 Main Roads (Pan going North, Rainbow going East, Ace going West, or Trans going south) these roads are easy to see from the dynmap. 
If you want to get back to spawn at any time just type /spawn
Players are welcome to build anywhere in the wilderness. Wilderness is anything that is not claimed by a player town. When walking into or out of wilderness/towns text will appear above your toolbar letting you know.


Player towns are all marked on the dynmap so it's easy to check and see where everyone else is building. Green Flags are used to mark player towns, Purple Flags are used for any Public builds that players are welcome to use (things like mob spawners or farms, etc.). Yellow Flags are used to mark Player builds you are welcome to visit and look at, but please do not touch. And Red Flags are used to mark player builds that are not open to the public. Camera icons mark sightseeing spots (feel free to claim these for yourself if no one else is using them!), and the Hearts mark Horse Barns (free horses, beds, food, etc).


Keeping your Stuff Safe

Player towns are free to create (check the commands list for how to make one) and will never be removed, once you have created something here it is here forever. Players only have 16 town blocks (+50 more for Trusted Players), so initally your town blocks should be used to protect your main housing and storage area. Stealing/griefing is not allowed in any form on this server, if the build/items belong to someone else then you should be leaving them alone, even if the build/items are sitting in wilderness, and even if that person has not logged in for a long time. If for some reason someone has abandoned items in an inconvient place/too close to an existing town then let an admin know and we will move the items to a safe location. If something of yours is missing/destroyed then let an admin know and we will look into it for you. 

Becoming a "Trusted" Player

People who have become "Trusted" Players have access to additional commands and town blocks. These commands are saved for "Trusted" players because they are easier to abuse. Any player can become a "Trusted" player if they have played on the server for 90 days+, have not broken any rules (there's like 2 rules... it's not that hard..), and have completed at least 1 quest for an Admin/Mod (given at random, if you don't get one of these naturally you can ask an admin/mod about it after the 90 day period, these are usually build requests or things that need to be done around spawn, occasionally a request to kill a specific mob).


Game Nights

We often have game nights on the server (Cards Against Humanity, Hide and Seek, board games re-created in minecraft, hopefully D&D someday). Everyone is 100% welcome to join in even without a specific invitation. If we are talking about games on the server then your invitation is always implied, we hope to see you there!

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