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Command List


/sethome - set your home warp (You only have one, but you can move it anytime)

/home - warp home

/spawn - teleport to spawn

/t spawn - teleports you to your own town's spawn

/t spawn [TownName] - teleports you to a chosen town

/tpa [username] - ask to teleport to another player's location (replace [username] with the name of the player you are teleporting to)

/tpaccept - accept a request from another player to teleport to you


/getpos - get your current position

/motd - see the motd

/discord - shows discord link


(Admin note: All town related commands are free, there is no currency used on this server)

/t new [name] - claims the plot you are standing on as a new town, you can only use this command on the main map (no towns can be made in the End, Nether, creative, or adventure worlds). Replace [name] with the name of your town.

example: /t new MyTown

/t claim - claims the plot you are standing on for your town, must be attached to your existing town plot(s). You only have 16 until you reach "trusted" when you get an additional +50.

/t unclaim - unclaims the plot you are standing on (you are not able to completely remove a town you have created, if you need to move your town please ask an Admin for help)

/t toggle explosion - Turn on/off explosions in town.
/t toggle fire - Turn on/off firespread in town.
/t toggle mobs - Turn on/off hostile mobspawning in town.
/t toggle pvp - Turn on/off pvp in town.

/t set name [NewName] - Rename your town


/hat - puts the block you are holding on your head

/skull - spawn your own skull

/skull modify - change the ID of the skull you are holding


/afk - go afk

/msg - message another player

/g - talk in the global channel (on by default, but if you switch channels you will need to switch back) All messages in this channel are sent directly to the discord so that we can communicate with offline players too. 

/e - see the emoji list! The emojis work exactly the same way as they do in Discord

Example: typing :blahaj: in the server chat or the discord chat will send a Blahaj emoji.


/nickname [Name] - change your nickname to whatever you want (in any color!)

Nicknames can use both Minecraft color codes and hex color codes. 

Example 1: /nickname &eBanana

Example 2: /nickname  &#ffd966Banana

Both examples would give you the nickname "Banana" in yellow text. You can also use different colors for each letter.

Example: /nickname &#fdf424B&#caf62ea&#98f838n&#65f942a&#33fb4cn&#00fd56a

This example would give you the nickname of "Banana" in a gradient from yellow to green. 
Minecraft color codes:
Hex Color codes:

Ask an admin if you would like your pronouns displayed before your nickname in chat

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